Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Berita BAIK!! Ziarah taif dan miqa' umrah qaunul munazil percuma kepada 80 jemaah awal yg mendaftar

Ziarah taif dan miqa' umrah qaunul munazil -program 1 sar 120 percuma kepada 80jemaah awal yg mendaftar???


Promosi kami untuk anda semua. Kepada 80 jemaah yang mendaftar awal .. anda bakal mendapat pakej ziarah taif dan miqa' secara PERCUMAAAAA..

8 september 2017 dah penuh ...
masih nak juga , fullpayment pakej umrah , kami bagi juga ...

Tentatif kami untuk anda adalah

Program (1) 120 per person
1 - Mosque of Abbas
2 - Mosque elbow
3-Massad Al-Adas
4 - Shoubra Museum
5 - the Akrama Dam
6. Factory of roses
7 - vegetable and fruit market
Transportation Bus Mercedes (303-404)
Lunch is a quarter of Mandy chicken per person
Program No. (2) SR 160 per person
Same program but transport and meal vary
King Long Bus 2015-2016
Lunch buffet is open in a five star hotel
Program No. (3) 220 SR per person
Same program number 2
But go by bus get down by cable car⁠⁠⁠⁠

menarik sangat2 kan, apa lagi contact us on +60 13-929 5956
we will so gladly to help.
any enquires just whatsapp for fast reply ore comment on our page

thanks for reading love.

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